Snowmobile Tours

Experience a thrilling snowmobile ride on the mighty Eyjafjallajökull glacial volcano, while getting a gorgeous view over Iceland’s spectacular South Coast.

  • All year
  • 2-3 hours

Enjoy an express adventure to Iceland’s second-largest glacier and the nearby vicinity for an exhilarating one-hour snowmobile tour amid the vast snowfields.

  • All year
  • 7-8 hours

Wilderness snowmobiling on Langjökull, Europe’s second-largest glacier on our most powerful snowmobiles. The snowmobiles offered in this tour pack more than double the horsepower than the snowmobiles used in regular tours.

  • Nov - Jun
  • 4-5 hours

Join us at Hotel Húsafell located on the west side of Iceland´s Langjökull Glacier for a grand snowmobile adventure. This tour is perfect for individuals and groups traveling around West Iceland by car who want a thrilling way to get acquainted with Langjökull Glacier.

  • Apr - Jul
  • 3-4 hours

Are you driving on the Golden Circle? Join us for a thrilling snowmobile ride on the vast snowcap of Langjokull glacier and visit a stunning man-made ice cave!

  • All year
  • 4 hours