Hotel Transfer

Coaches and super jeeps are forbidden to access most streets in postal code 101, in Reykjavik. There are several bus stops where we are allowed to pick you up, so we may have to ask you to walk a short distance, if your accommodation is located within the restricted area. This includes the famous shopping street, Laugavegur, and most Air B’nB locations in the city center.

What to wear

Wear something you don’t mind getting wet and/or dirty. It is a very good idea to bring an extra set of clothing.

Wear a warm base layer (the one touching your skin); wool and synthetic materials are best.

Wear waterproof shoes and warm socks.

Cotton and jeans are not ideal – you will easily get cold.

For the two day buggy tour, please read carefully the equipment list.

Where we are

Directions to our Reykjavík base


Directions to our Geysir base


Click images for larger view

Where we go

Reykjavík based tours:

We drive straight out from our base and into the rugged landscape under Mt Esja – no driving on asphalt roads!

You will drive through molehills and sands, rivers and streams, on gravel and mud roads.

Geysir based tours:

We drive straight out from our base and into the desert like landscape of Haukadalsheiði – no driving on asphalt roads!

You will drive through scenic landscape on gravel roads and mud tracks.

Thorsmork valley tour:

We will park our mobile base by Nauthúsagil canyon, where you will meet up with us.

We drive into the valley, splashing through rivers and creeks, enjoying the stunning nature around us. Stops are made by narrow gorges and canyons, where you can hike if you want.

Landmannalaugar tour:

We will park our mobile base by Hrauneyjar Highland center, where you will meet up with us.

From there we head into Landmannalaugar on the buggies, driving gravel roads through desert-like landscape. The colorful hills of Landmannalaugar unroll before us when we reach our destination.

Golden circle tour in a buggy:

We will drive the route of the Golden circle, keeping to gravel and mud tracks as much as possible. Depending on conditions, there may be some asphalt driving, but we will do our very best to keep you in the excitement at all times.

Two day highland tour in a buggy:

We start the day by driving regular roads, in our transfer car, to the starting point of the buggy tour. For the next two days we will follow mountain roads Haukadalsheiði, Kjölur, Arnarvatnsheiði and Kaldidalur – driving around Langjökull glacier.

What we see

Reykjavík based tours:

We drive under the slopes of Mt Esja and other mountains in the area. Móskarðshnúkar rhyolite mountains, colorful hill sides, lush fields and local farms are among the things we will pass on our way.

Geysir based tours:

Desert like landscape of Haukadalsheiði plateau, enjoying glacial vistas and terrifying rock formations.

Thorsmork valley tour:

Driving through the valley, you will have Tindafjallajökull and Eyjafjallajökull glaciers in close view. Stunning gorges and canyons with hidden waterfalls are en route and you can hike in to witness their beauty. Lush birch forest and desert-like landscapes intertwine and the devastation big floods in Markarfljót river are obvious. You will get up close and personal with Gígjökull glacier, but don’t go to close, since it can be dangerous.

Landmannalaugar tour:

Driving in between multi-colored, silica-rich hills of Landmannalaugar, vast lava fields, geothermal hot pools and various hiking routes. If conditions allow, you may reach some of several craters and pseudo craters of the area, or even discover some waterfalls.

Golden circle tour in a buggy:

We will drive the route of the Golden circle, the most popular tourist route of Iceland, in a whole new way! Sights include Þingvellir national park, Geysir geothermal area and Gullfoss waterfall.

Two-day highland tour:

Tabletop volcanoes, colorful geothermal hills, mud pools, hot-springs and vast highland deserts rule the view of this tour. Langjökull glacier is looming over you in the distance the whole time.

Offroad driving

Contrary to common belief, off-road driving in Iceland is in fact illegal. We are very concerned about our delicate nature and would love it if you follow the lead and instructions of your guide, and stayed on the path at all times.

Booking minimum

Our shorter tours out of Reykjavík (Buggy Original & Buggy Extra) do not have a minimum participation, you can always book them if you are solo.

If you are interested in any of our other tours, but don’t reach the required minimum, send us an e-mail and see if we are already operating the tours at a day where you can join in.

Age limit

To drive the buggy, you must hold a fully valid driving license, or motorcycle license, and be at least 17 years old.
Practice- and preliminary licenses do not suffice.

Passenger age limit is 6 years.

Age limit for our 2 day tour is 18 years of age.

Weight limit

The buggies are strong for their size, but like all cars they have a maximum bearing weight.

Maximum weight per passenger/driver; 120 kg or 264 lbs

Maximum combined weight; 220 kg or 485 lbs

Size limit

We don’t really have a size limit, other than the weight limit above.

But the buggies are small, so people over 190 cm / 6 ft may have a problem fitting into the buggies.

People under 150 cm / 4 ft 11 in may have a problem seeing over the wind shield and might not be able to drive.

Our coveralls range in sizes from XS to 4XL and our helmets XS to 2XL.

Cancel bookings

Cancellation policy for individuals
Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to departure.
No shows are fully charged.
Cancellation policy for groups
For groups we charge:
50% if cancelled within 2 weeks.
100% if cancelled within 1 week.
Final passenger’s numbers must reach Buggy Adventures no later than 2 days prior to the tour in an email from booking office of the tour seller.
A group is considered 10 people or 5 cars.

No shows and cancellations on location are fully charged

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