The Buggy

Find out exactly what a 4x4 buggy is and what it can do!

What you'll drive

If you haven’t tried a buggy, it’s an ATV similar to a quad bike but not quite the same… in fact it’s even more fun because you’re sitting side-by-side wearing a 4-point harness safely secured inside a roll-cage. This is why you can allow yourself to go faster and have more fun!

You’ll drive a cool-looking and powerful CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 or 1000cc side-by-side over mountain trails, through rivers, and over incredible lava fields. You’ll be amazed at what a buggy will do. It will take you as far as it’s possible in a wheeled vehicle.

These monsters come equipped with all the goods needed for a real adventure. If you’re lucky, you may have to use the winch,  and pull yourself out of a sticky situation. 

We don’t waste your time on tarmac and on public roads. Dirt roads and riverbeds will be your playground! 


ROPS certified roll cage

All of our buggies are equipped with strong rollover protection. It not only increases safety, but also improve the style of your vehicle.

Electronic Power Steering

Whether you’re ripping through a corner or navigating tight technical terrain, variable assist electronic power steering gives you optimal steering feedback in all conditions.


Everyone likes it their way. Adjust to your preferred riding position.


You never know what’s coming next. When the going gets tough, the tough press a button and shift into 4WD. Smooth or jagged, all terrain is fair game.

800 &1000 cc engine

May the horsepower be with you! You'll experience that our buggies run pretty darn good. Dominate any off-road landscape & fear no terrain.

4-point harness seat belts

There's nothing more important than safety on the road. The 4-point harness seatbelts keep you safe and secure inside your vehicle.


Bumpy dirt roads? No problem. Enjoy surefooted handling and improved comfort while you attack the sand, dirt, mud, rocks, and anything else in your way.

Windshield and hard top

A windshield and a hard top keeps you even safer and out of the elements.


Driving these buggies is without doubt the most fun you can have off road with your harness tight and your helmet in place, it sets your pulse racing. Book now and reserve your spot.