Buggy Family Fun

Enjoy the scenic Icelandic nature in a different way just outside of Reykjavík. A great activity for adventurous families and friends.

Why you'll love this tour

  • 1-hour family-friendly buggy tour through stunning landscapes
  • You'll drive a 4x4 ATV Buggy in the safest and most comfortable way possible
  • Our base is only a short 20 minute drive from Reykjavik city
  • Splash in puddles, drive on dirt tracks and climb hills and obstacles


All year


1,5 hours

Pick up time:

1 hour before tour start time



Minimum age:

6 years / 17 years


Are your kids tired of sitting in the back of the car sightseeing all around Iceland? Why not let them enjoy the ride too and take them on a buggy tour?

Your kids will have the time of their lives, and so will you!

Buggies are a safe way for families to enjoy ATVs because unlike quad bikes they are equipped with 4-point harness seat belts and a roll cage. Our buggies seat two people and the minimum age for a passenger is 6 years. The kids won’t get to drive because a valid drivers licence is required for each buggy driver, but they do get to sit in the passenger seat and experience the thrill of ATV driving.

We provide waterproof overalls, helmets and other necessary gear, so you and your children should be warm and comfortable during the drive.

This Family Fun tour is the same tour as our standard Buggy Original Tour with all the bells and whistles, but at a great family discount!

Should you wish to take it easy, or go wild then please advise the guide accordingly and we will make sure your family has a great time.

Buggy Original is a one hour buggy tour starting at the edge of Reykjavik city where we drive straight into the wilderness in a modified 4×4 sports buggy. There are plenty of opportunities to play around in puddles and splash through rivers.

Minimum number of participants for this tour to go ahead is two adults and two children. One adult must accompany each child. Please note that this offer only applies to families with children aged 6-16 where 6 years is the minimum age for a passenger (due to height restrictions).

What's included?

  • All safety equipment needed (helmet, balaclava, gloves, waterproof overalls, rubber boots)
  • Entry & admission fees
  • English speaking Local guides


  • Tip or gratuity
  • Food & drinks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our Buggy Experts.

No, our buggies are very easy to drive. They are incredibly easy automatic machines that you will master how to drive in only a few minutes. 

No prior experience is needed. You will be driving an automatic 4 Wheel Drive UTV with a full roll cage and long travel suspension. It has the same controls as any automatic car or truck. Put the shift lever into drive and go. Even shifting into 4 wheel drive is just the push of a button.

Wear something you don’t mind getting wet and/or dirty. It is a very good idea to bring an extra set of clothing. Wear a warm base layer (the one touching your skin); wool and synthetic materials are best.

We provide our customers with a helmet, gloves, balaclavas, rubber boots and waterproof overalls.

The minimum age for Buggy Riders is 17 years old and the minimum age for passengers is 6 years old. Driver’s licence required.

Yes. These buggies are very safe. They are built with a low center of gravity so they are not tippy and the passengers are in a 4 point harness inside a complete roll cage. They are much safer than ATV Quad vehicles.

You set the pace of your tour. The pace of the tour always depends on the slowest driver. The tour is not a race. It should be fun and you will also be able to enjoy the scenery.

At Buggy Adventures we use the top of the line factory made 4-wheel drive CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 and ZFORCE 1000. These machines were designed with quality, performance and safety in mind and both models have long travel suspension to provide the smoothest ride possible over rugged terrain. Wild enough for the off-road pro and tame enough for the first time novice, our machines will not disappoint. You’ll be coming back for more!

No way, it’s even more fun riding in the rain! 

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